Get wandering what to do hair?

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Photoshop rhetoric as remarkable hair growth in the six-week promotion, releasing cheat. Hair release companies. Hair loss can be said that the problem is widespread today.If proper care, hair loss can alleviate the issue.

The wave of sun, bad diet, body heat, chemical treatments and continue to take, effective use of the chemical shampoos, colouring, making them stress, tension may be problems such as hair loss due to various reasons.But maintaining proper hair grows back guaranteed.

Nutritional deficiency, thyroid problems, genetic predisposition, bald fall, season, time to achieve, Menopause, pregnancy can lead to problems such as hair loss reasons.It is important to go to the doctor to get advice. The need to change the diet to Nutritionists.

Multiple oil

Vitamin E oil, almond, olive and coconut oil mixed in equal amounts, with lite heat and apply on hair for half an hour a must apply in head.

Massage and steam 

At the root of the hair back and forth by hand massage. After the steam treatment is given to unlock Chrysanthemum of hairs.

Hair Pack

Amla, fenugreek, neem, Chrysanthemum flower and leaves mixed with various herbs and vegetables on the white part of the egg mix powder hair care, hair, rub in, 45 minutes later to be parsed.


Drought remover, hair will become softer pattupponra.

Massage hands, so the smooth flow of blood to the head. Get rilaxable rest.

When stimin, palikkils opened in the head, to the inside of nutrients.

A mixture of herbs and nutrients to the hair herpek seas. By external nutrients help strengthen hair.

Vitamin C will strengthen in amla hair. Neem, destroying germs, preventing flaking of the hair. Dill and strengthen the roots of the hair. Removing dandruff. Hibiscus flower and leaves, giving hair hydrating glow.

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