Dialysis help to Saving kidney

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“Dialysis” is the word often hear everything now. Acquaintances, friends, relatives hear that someone is under dialysis. “Diabetes increases to the dialysis” and “damage to the kidneys have to do dialysis,” “that the dialysis is higher than the man’s condition. Making it difficult to protect “an understanding of the different accusations. What are these things true? What is dialysis? Dialysis is now more than three times last generation. What is the reason for this? Dialysis life who have less? There are so many questions.

Two kidneys in our body work 24 hours a day to cleanse the blood is separated from the effluent. Extracting the urine by the kidneys, urinary drop by drop transported by pipeline. Everyday, two kidney goes to 80 litres of blood. The 140-mile length of the sieve in the kidneys as the blood travels through the main pipes, which are disposed of in the waste. This activity will be reduced to under 15 % can survive without harming healthy. Under kidney performance less than 15 percent, the excess water, leaving the foot, stay in the lungs. Without toxins can cause various infections. That is what is called kidney failure. This sudden, chronic, casualties can be divided into three categories.

Acute kidney failure

The kidneys are working well, suddenly failed. Blood loss in an accident, the rapid decrease in blood pressure, infection in the kidneys, and some type of reaction to medications, urinary tract stone obstruction, urinary obstruction, etc., which may result in ruptured pretest gland. They may require temporary dialysis treatment. In most cases, in two to four weeks, the kidneys begin to work fine. Dialysis may need to continue treatment. Taking the appropriate treatment of the kidneys will return to the original position.

Chronic kidney failure

Kidneys gradually for months or for years for various reasons, are retarded. The diabetes, including pressure are due.

End stage of kidney failure

No chance of the kidneys to work again. This problem causes chronic kidney damage, genetic disorders, kidney tumour, renal vascular lesions of the main reasons. The artificial kidney dialysis to cleanse the treatment required by the kidney fails. The Hemodialysis, there are two types of Peritoneal Dialysis. Both are only a temporary solution. Kidney transplantation is the only permanent solution.



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